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Jones & Adams Consulting understands people success precedes business success. Here is an overview of some of the ways we can help your employees, your teams, and your business be more successful.

Talent Optimization

With the power of the Predictive Index®,  we partner with you to positively impact your people strategy. Backed by science, our range of Talent Optimization solutions help you create alignment between your business strategy and your talent goals by focusing on helping you:

•    Design team strategy
•    Hire the best talent
•    Inspire leaders
•    Diagnose engagement

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Leadership Development

Leveraging research and data, we partner with you to create and implement a blueprint for operationalizing leadership. Our signature leadership solution, Building Everyday Leaders, will help you and your organization understand what it means to Trust the Process and deploy 5 practical steps for creating leadership at every level.

Recognizing that an effective leadership development program is not a one-size-fits-all approach, our team can also facilitate:
•    MBTI
•    DISC
•    Ken Blanchard Solutions
•    360 Feedback


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Today’s workplace is increasingly diverse. Though we may recognize the diversity, we might not always know how to fully navigate ensuring we have a fully diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace organization. We partner with you to help offer organizational training and workshops on the following topics:

•    Foundations of Diversity

•    Diversity & Equity in the Workplace

•    Optimizing Diversity on Teams

•    Implicit Bias


Customized Solutions

Every organization’s needs will be different so we partner with you to create customized trainings to engage your employees and enhance your talent. Whether in-person or virtual, we can take your goals and create a plan that will inspire performance. Please contact us to schedule a discovery call to discuss your needs.

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